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SENAI CIMATEC is a worldwide recognized Technology and Innovation Campus. We seek the frontier of knowledge and develop technology and innovation to boost the competitiveness of organizations. We practice an integration of competencies and high-end infrastructure to meet market needs.


Higher Education

SENAI CIMATEC School of Technology has been recognized by Brazilian Ministry of Education as the top engineering school in the North/Northeast Regions of Brazil for the past three years. It offers Extension Courses, Undergraduate courses, Specializations, MBA’s, Masters and Doctoral programs, assuring the most high-level education by immerging our students in an advanced Technology and Innovation Campus infrastructure.

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Areas of Interest

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Mobility and infrastructure
Other Skills
Software and Supercomputing Software and Supercomputing

Software and Supercomputing

The progress of intelligent industry is substantially supported by high-performance processing and dataprocessing systems. SENAI CIMATEC incorporates to the Supercomputing Center for Industrial Innovation the software engineering skills essential for the development of R&D&I (Research, Development & Innovation) projects. We also retain the competencies required for consulting and technical/technological services, such as high-performance computing, software and systems architecture, visual computing (virtual reality, augmented reality, computer vision, natural user interfaces and unconventional IHCS) and microelectronics.

Our differential is

the integration of competencies

We are reference in Technology, Innovation and Education. We act as an institution that promotes industry locally and nationally, offering infrastructure, highly qualified human resources, an entrepreneurial culture and an integration of competencies. We work alongside a network of partners, clients and suppliers that include institutions from all over the world. We are SENAI CIMATEC.

We build An

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Av. Orlando Gomes, 1845 Piatã, Salvador - BA,41650-010

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