Areas of Interest

Software and Supercomputing

IMAGEM_SUPERCOMPUTAÇÃO Software and Supercomputing

The progress of intelligent industry is substantially supported by high-performance processing and dataprocessing systems. SENAI CIMATEC incorporates to the Supercomputing Center for Industrial Innovation the software engineering skills essential for the development of R&D&I (Research, Development & Innovation) projects. We also retain the competencies required for consulting and technical/technological services, such as high-performance computing, software and systems architecture, visual computing (virtual reality, augmented reality, computer vision, natural user interfaces and unconventional IHCS) and microelectronics.


Mobility and infrastructure

Infraestrutura e Mobilidade Mobility and infrastructure

The increasing demands of a globalized world urge significant advances in mobility and transport of people and cargo. Intelligent cities connect the necessities of its citizen to a planned and structured development. SENAI CIMATEC possesses a number of skills required for the improvement of various industrial sectors involved in the matter, such as automotive, logistics, civil construction, industrial mobile equipment and port and aeronautics technology.


Metrology and Development of new products and materials

Imagem_Novos produtos, materiais e metrologia_2 Metrology and Development of new products and materials

SENAI CIMATEC retains several skills that are crucial to the process of creating and developing projects of new products and industrial materials, from conception to large-scale production apt for commercialization. From another angle, metrological analysis and testing and calibration of equipment support the progress in certification of said products and materials. SENAI Innovation Institute for Conformation and Joining Materials, present in our campus, researches innovative materials for industry, focusing on conformation techniques and solutions in the joining of different materials. We have expertise in areas such as development of products and materials, Chemical and Volume Metrology and design.


Biotechnology and Health

3D medical background with DNA strands and heart Biotechnology and Health

Quality of life is a regular concern for mankind. Thus the continuing search in technology for the necessary support to enhance detection of patterns, advance threat-prevention and improve accessibility and independence of individuals. SENAI CIMATEC, in order to collaborate in this transformative role of companies, assembles transversal skills, such as product development, prototyping, embedded systems and biotechnological drugs, applying them to the area.


Robotics and Automation

IMAGEM_ROBÓTICA_COMPUTAÇÃO_ultimo_ Robotics and Automation

Automated systems and artificial intelligence are technological breakthroughs of great importance in the history of humanity, as well as the precursors to the main demands of Industry 4.0. SENAI Innovation Institute for Automation researches solutions to issues in the areas of automation, industrial systems integration and intelligence, promotion and control of production processes. Besides de ISI for Automation, SENAI CIMATEC has incorporated the Brazilian Institute of Robotics to its advanced infrastructure in order to support and develop cutting-edge projects for local, national and international companies, bringing audacious and dynamic competencies to the mix, among which we can enumerate autonomous robotics, industrial automation, microelectronics and intelligent systems.


Energy and Sustainability

renewable_energy Energy and Sustainability

Sustainability has been an all-encompassing concern in the industrial world. The consequences of using clean energy contribute significantly to ensuring better environmental conditions and, consequently, a more efficient industry. SENAI CIMATEC integrates a number of transversal competencies with the purpose of promoting sustainable progress for industry.


Advanced Manufacturing

manufatura_avançada Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing combines different cutting-edge production techniques, supported by intelligent systems and advanced technology, to enable machine-to-machine communication and a continuous flow of information. SENAI CIMATEC carries the required industrial competencies based on the advances of knowledge in the Intelligent Industry, also called the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE)

IMAGEM_CIMATEC PARA MPE Micro and Small Enterprises (MSE)

SENAI CIMATEC offers solutions tailored specifically to micro and small enterprises. Your company can rely on our consulting, technical and specialized services, applied researches and technological innovation projects. Our advanced infrastructure and highly-qualified professionals, heightened by the integration of skills to deal in all business sectors, unite to compose an environment of innovation and technology suitable for the promotion of MSE.


Other Skills

mais para sua industria Other Skills

In addition to the previously mentioned skills, SENAI CIMATEC runs assorted operations, finding solutions for companies from different sizes and of various segments. Here your company can count on a robust integration of skills, supported by an environment of innovation and technology that houses advanced laboratories and highly-qualified professionals. With SENAI CIMATEC, your company can be more.




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