SENAI CIMATEC is located at recently reconstructed Orlando Gomes Avenue, in the city of Salvador, capital of Brazilian state of Bahia and the 3 rd largest city in the country.

Founded by the Portuguese in 1549, Salvador was the first capital of Brazil and, to this day, it is home to many examples of Portuguese colonial architecture and historical monuments. Salvador is also known for its tourist attractions, being one of the main holiday destinations in the country, as it offers a wide variety of entertainment options for tourists, such as Pelourinho, Mercado Modelo, Elevador Lacerda, Mercado do Rio Vermelho, Porto da Barra, Praia de Piatã, Ponta de Humaitá e Igreja do Bonfim, besides the many beaches located just north of the city, among which there is Praia do Forte.

Salvador is home to an International Airport, from which there are many transportation options towards locations in the city. From Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport to SENAI CIMATEC, you can choose to take a cab, an Uber, or maybe rent a car. By taxi, it is an approximate R$30,00 ride; by Uber, you would spend around R$20,00. You can also access rentcars.com to check for car rental options and prices.

Another viable option is to take a bus service if you are staying at any of the hotels attended by First Class Airport Bus Service, the company in charge of this kind of transportation at Salvador International Airport. Their ticket costs R$30,00.

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Av. Orlando Gomes, 1845 Piatã, Salvador - BA,41650-010

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contato@cimatec.com.br +55 (71) 3534-5090
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