Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation (EMBRAPII) has as its mission to contribute to the development and innovation of industry in Brazil by strengthening its collaborations with universities and research institutes.

Accredited as an EMBRAPII Unit, SENAI CIMATEC conducts research, development and innovation of products and processes. We aim to develop an advanced program of technological support to promote applied research in manufacturing integrated technologies in order to attend the demands of Brazilian industry

SENAI CIMATEC has extensive experience in the development of innovative projects, being recognized among local, national and international companies for its technical capacity of attending the demands of industry, reinforced by the institutional experience gained from participating in EMBRAPII Action Pilot, in 2012.

For the development of EMBRAPII projects, the Integrated Manufacturing-centered approach supports the following competencies:

  • Automation, Control and Integration of Industrial Systems
  • Generation Systems Automation
  • Development of Industrial Machines and Equipment
  • Development of Electro-Electronic Products
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Manufacturing Processes Optimization


For more information, contact us through embrapii@cimatec.fieb.org.br




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