Along with its partner, BG Brasil, SENAI CIMATEC developed FlatFish, an autonomous underwater vehicle for 3D high-resolution visual inspection, in order to achieve advanced levels of oil and gas prospection in deep waters. The prototype is the first one developed in Brazil and in addition to ensuring greater operational security, it is environment friendly and it will drastically reduce the current costs for this kind of operation.

The first Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) prototype has already been tested and it is able to operate at a depth of 300- meters, with a 35-60 kilometers autonomy, depending on the mission and the intensity of ocean currents. The preventive maintenance must be performed every six months.

The project is still being developed and, in the medium-term, it is expected that FlatFish will be able to operate at depths of up to 3 thousand meters, so it can be used to optimize Pré-Sal operations. Besides the BG Group, SENAI CIMATEC counted on the support of other two partners – EMBRAPII (Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation) and the DFKI Institute.




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