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SENAI CIMATEC focuses on Research and Innovation for the development of industry. We are unique in that we integrate the innovation and research processes of a Technology Center to the academic and scientific researches of a Technology School. Besides presenting a large experience in the execution of projects of varied magnitude and complexity, SENAI CIMATEC stands out for its accomplishments in Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I), partnering with national and foreign organizations, having a total figure of over $55 million in project resources and high intellectual property indicators, owning the rights to over 60 registered patents. The R&D&I projects executed on Campus are managed by SENAI’s PMO – Project Management Office, and rely on an advanced financial engineering with facilitated access to a number of funding programs and economic support for R&D&I projects. SENAI CIMATEC is one of the leading project developers in cooperation with EMBRAPII (Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation), from the 2011 pilot operation on, and it has been recognized by FINEP (Brazilian Innovation Agency) as an Institution for Research, Innovation and Technology in the Northeast Region of Brazil. All available funding sources for R&D&I projects are carefully prospected and identified under advisory and intermediation from the institution.

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Infrastructure for Research

Novos centros SENAI de inovação, montados no CIMATEC. Planta piloto de montagem de placas eletrônicas.
Salvador (BA) 26.03.2014 - Foto: José Paulo Lacerda

SENAI CIMATEC owns extensive laboratory resources with integrated skills and an infrastructure that incorporates an academic setting to a technology center. Our Campus is able to meet the demands of our scientific body, taking into account the highly prepared professors and technicians that compose our teams, including the infrastructure demands, proven by the availability of high technological investment laboratories. CIMATEC houses the second most powerful supercomputer in Latin America, the CIMATEC Yemoja, at the Supercomputing Center for Industrial Innovation. In our Campus it is also located the Brazilian Institute of Robotics (BIR) that executes high-end projects in partnership with international institutions. At SENAI CIMATEC there are three SENAI Innovation Institutes and six SENAI Technology Institutes, which perform on product and process development and applied research.


Competencies Integration


Our innovative operation model is based on the strong integration of competencies, focusing our performance on R&D&I (Research, Development & Innovation). The projects developed by SENAI CIMATEC combine, from design to validation, various skills, with a convergence of efforts into the same institution, all while resorting to the support of significant local, national and international partners.


New Technologies


We seek not only the use of state of the art technology, but we carefully map the global trends in technological development. At our campus, we are developers of cutting-edge technology with high performance in R&D&I (Research, Development & Innovation), serving as a role model for institutions from all over the world.


Technical and Technological Services


SENAI CIMATEC offers technical and technological services in order to promote the continuing improvement of quality standards and productivity of organizations. Besides presenting a modern well-equipped infrastructure with high-end laboratories and highly-qualified professionals, we build partnerships with national and international companies and institutions in order to provide technological solutions of First World level.




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