The Manufacturing and Technology Integrated Campus SENAI CIMATEC was inaugurated in March of 2002 and it is one of the most advanced centers for education, technology and innovation in the country. Supported by a staff of over 650 members, it hosts a Technical School, a Higher Education School and a Technology Center, all cooperating in a four-building structure of more than 35.000m².

SENAI CIMATEC School of Technology began operations in 2004, and currently offers a number of Undergraduate degrees in engineering, and a series of Graduate programs, including lato sensu (specializations and MBAs) and stricto sensu (master’s and doctoral degrees). In 2008, the Industrial Management and Technology (GETEC) and the Computational Modeling and Industrial Technology (MCTI) Master’s Programs were inaugurated. MCTI incorporated a Doctorate in 2010, and then, in 2016, GETEC also opened a Doctoral Program.

SENAI CIMATEC prides itself on delivering highly-qualified professionals to the various industrial sectors, supporting innovation and problem-solution, having earned the recognition of Brazilian Ministry of Education as the top engineering school in the North/Northeast Regions of Brazil for the past three years.

We are the biggest EMBRAPII Unit in Brazil, with over R$100 million invested in projects ever since the beginning of operations, in 2011.

2012 witnessed the inauguration of our Business Incubator - another effort towards helping industry become more competitive. As a consequence of the continuing expansion of our institution, in 2013 we turned from a Center to a Campus.

In that same year, partnering with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DKFI) and the University of Bremen, we founded the Brazilian Institute of Robotics (BIR). The Institute was already born with the huge responsibility of developing an autonomous underwater vehicle, funded by Shell Oil Company and EMBRAPII (Brazilian Agency for Industrial Research and Innovation) and named FlatFish.

Even in little more than a decade of existence, CIMATEC is already recognized as one of the main Science and Technology Institutions in the country. The National Confederation of Industry of Brazil (CNI) itself has demonstrated that by publicly acknowledging SENAI CIMATEC as a reference in the implementation of the network of SENAI Innovation Institutes (ISI) and SENAI Technology Institutes (IST). ISIs are strong allies of Brazilian industry in the development of products, processes and applied research. In our Campus, there are, since 2014, three ISIs and six ISTs installed: the ISIs in Automation, Conformation and Union of Materials and Logistics, and the ISTs in Civil Construction, Chemistry, Electrical and Electronics, Food studies, Electro-Metal- Mechanical and Environment.

With a strong performance in Research, Development & Innovation (R&D&I), SENAI CIMATEC operates projects of high national and international impact and supports companies from different regions of Brazil, maintaining a network of collaborators that include prominent universities and organizations from all over the world. Some of our partners are listed below:

We build An

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With the financing aid of one of these partners, the BG Group, SENAI CIMATEC purchased, in 2015, the second most powerful supercomputer in Latin America, the CIMATEC Yemoja, which is located at the Supercomputing Center for Industrial Innovation, in our Campus.

Pushing the limits of its infrastructure, SENAI CIMATEC has designed an industrial and technological 4.000.000m² compound located inside Camaçari Industrial Complex. CIMATEC Industry will feature advanced laboratories, pilot-plants of big proportions, safety areas for high-risk tests and operations, and even a multipurpose test track for technological innovation projects in the automotive sector. The inauguration of Phase One is scheduled for mid-2018.


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